Raw Materials

Providing peace of mind that your raw materials comply with your internal Quality Control Specifications BEFORE you manufacture.

Raw Materials

The quality of your finished products is dependent on the quality of ingredients going in. 

We recognise that each sample submitted has a role to play in the functionality of your product and that it must meet certain criteria to keep your standards high.  We have the expertise to evaluate the composition of raw materials in a variety of sectors to help you QC your incoming components.

We assess results and performance against quality control criteria supplied by you.  We discuss any unexpected results with you and will always conduct full laboratory investigations into erroneous results before reporting to you.  We do this to assure you that the testing service you receive from us is second to none.

We are able to provide peace of mind to both industry and consumers due to our GMP compliance, ISO17025:2005 accreditation

Please see the document below for a current list of routine tests we offer.  Please note that if the test you are looking for is not listed within this document then please contact us as this list is not exhaustive.

Download File "ICNE 2018 Test List"

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