False Advertising & Label Claims in the Dietary Supplement Industry

1 March, 2018 Posted by: ICNE

Nutritional Products International (NPI) has written an article on false advertising and label claims within the dietary supplement industry.

According to this recent article, the dietary supplement industry is growing at a rate of 7-10% per year in the US. With this growth, the number of different dietary supplements available on the market also continues to increase. As consumers continue to purchase supplements in order to help solve a variety of health issues and to improve general health, it is more important than ever that any claims being made are accurate.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulate any health claims being made. Any false advertisement or inaccurate label claims being made for dietary supplements are picked up by these authorities. Any company found to in breach of applicable regulations can face consequences of a class action lawsuit and even fines. Read the full article here.

In the UK, food supplements are regulated under the food law, which falls under the Food Safety Act of 1990. The Health and Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS) provide really useful information on the regulation of food supplements (see the link here).

The general advice is to contact your local authority and specialists to ensure that any advertising or label claims meet all relevant regulations. As well as this, laboratory testing of your product will help you ensure that what is written on the label is actually present within the product. Laboratory testing can also ensure that any prohibited or undesirable ingredients are not present.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the safety and the quality of your products are of the highest standard. Introducing various analytical techniques can be a useful part of your quality control regime to help reach this goal.

If you need your label claims on your dietary supplement or nutraceuticals confirmed via laboratory analysis then contact us today.