Frequently Asked Questions

Need information on obtaining a quote? Or how to send us a sample? Do you want to know when you will get your results, and if you can get them faster? Or do you have an unusual request?

  • faq icon What type of testing do you offer?

    We offer a variety of analytical techniques including; HPLC, FTIR, UV/VIS, polarimetry, Karl Fischer, TLC, AAS, Titrimetry and wet chemistry. We specialise in testing human and veterinary supplements, veterinary medicines, cosmetics and associated raw materials, to various reference standards (Ph.Eur, USP, AOAC).

    See the link to our testing webpage, and contact us to discuss all your testing requirements.

  • faq icon What accreditation do you hold?

    We are both a cGMP and ISO17025 accredited laboratory. Please see our quality page for more details.

  • faq icon How do I obtain a quotation?

    To obtain a quote please contact us here giving us details of testing required and we will aim to get back to you within 24 business hours. Please do this prior to sending us samples so we can clarify your exact requirements and agree with you the scope of the project you want us to work on.

    If you require some assistance in choosing the best method for your application, please contact us on: 01253 737009 and speak with one of our team who can help you on a technical level.

  • faq icon Do you give a discount for multiple samples?

    Depending on the type of analysis on request, we can usually agree on a reduced cost for multiple samples requiring the same tests, submitted at the same time for testing in the same time slot.

  • faq icon How do I send a sample to ICNE?

    Once you have obtained a quotation, your samples should be packaged in compliance with current legislation. Please ensure hazardous samples are labelled as such, and that an SDS sheet for the material and your completed analysis request form is included in the package.

    Completing this form will give us all the information we need to process your sample, but if you cannot complete the form please ensure the following information is available inside your package:

    • Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, and invoice address if this is different
    • Number of samples to be tested, labelled with appropriate batch number or reference number
    • Analysis required, special storage conditions (if applicable) and priority service or standard
    • Specification of material on test or expected analyte level
    • Purchase Order number
    • Quotation Number (if applicable)
  • faq icon How do I send a sample to ICNE from outside the UK?

    For sending laboratory samples for analysis from outside or inside the EU into the UK, it is always best to check with your chosen courier as to what information or paperwork is required to get the product through customs. A commodity code, relevant to the sample type would be required when sending samples to the UK. You can find a list of all the commodity codes on the UK government website here.

    Further information or an import licence may be required. Please see the link to the UK government website here. Also, please contact the relevant government agency for the country of export.

    Contact us if you need advice on sending samples for analysis.

  • faq icon How quickly will I get my results?

    We will endeavour to return your results within our standard turn-around time of 10 working days from receipt of your sample. If this is not the case then we will inform you in the first instance by phone or email.

    Results can be sent out via email as well as post to ensure the fastest possible turnaround.


  • faq icon Can I get my results faster?

    Yes. There is a priority service, this will need to be pre-booked into our schedule so to ensure the fast turnaround that you require. There is an additional charge for this service dependant on the type and length of the test requested.

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