ICNE Article: Joint Supplement Study in Nutraceuticals Now

11 February, 2016 Posted by: ICNE

Nutraceuticals Now have published a study conducted by the ICNE team, in their Autumn 2015 issue.

The study investigated the accuracy of label claims for glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate in commercially available companion animal, equine and human joint supplements. As the nutraceutical industry has fewer regulatory requirements than the pharmaceutical industry, there is the potential for inconsistencies between the label claims on supplements and the actual levels of active ingredients.

ICNE analysed the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate in randomly selected supplements, to see whether the levels truly reflect the label claims being made. In this blinded study, five different samples from each industry (companion animal, equine and human) were purchased and analysed. Samples from the companion animal and equine industries met their label claims. However, 40% of samples from the human supplement industry failed to meet the glucosamine content label claim, and 60% failed to meet the chondroitin sulphate label claim.

This study demonstrates that discrepancies between label claims and actual content can occur. It also highlights the importance of rigorous QC testing on raw materials and final products in order to ultimately provide the best quality products for consumers. Read the full study here.

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