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False Advertising & Label Claims in the Dietary Supplement Industry

1 March, 2018Posted by: ICNE

Nutritional Products International (NPI) has written an article on false advertising and label claims within the dietary supplement industry. Due to the increase in supplement sales, it is more important than ever that any claims being made are accurate. ICNE can help with all your supplement testing requirements. Read more here.

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Stability Testing of Supplements

8 February, 2018Posted by: ICNE

Stability studies are useful tools to help you understand the stability of your supplements over a given shelf life. Here at ICNE Ltd., we can help you manage all of your stability requirements. Read more about stability testing here.

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Iodine Value – Method Validation

24 January, 2018Posted by: ICNE

Iodine value is used to determine the degree of saturation of an oil, fat or wax. It can indicate how prone a sample is to oxidation and rancidification. ICNE has validated an Iodine Value method based on the European Pharmacopoeia 2.5.4, method A. Read more here.

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Meet the ICNE team – Helen Zachariassen (Analyst)

5 January, 2018Posted by: ICNE

Meet Helen Zachariassen, an Analyst at ICNE Ltd. Helen has been part of the team for 8 months, read more here.

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Meet the ICNE team – Stanley Graham (Analyst)

30 October, 2017Posted by: ICNE

Stanley has a Masters in Chemistry & Forensic Science and now works for ICNE Ltd, full time, as Laboratory Analyst. Read more about Stanley here.

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