Review of “Choosing the Right Analytical Lab” Article

15 August, 2016 Posted by: ICNE

pH Testing

Nutraceuticals World have published an article on ‘Choosing the Right Analytical Lab’ in their July/August publication.

The article, written by Maged Sharaf, PhD (Chief Science Officer, AHPA), highlights the importance of selecting the correct lab and how this decision can help manufacturers make sure products are of a high quality, therefore ensuring compliance to cGMP. Selecting the right analytical lab will help companies make sure that products and raw materials meet specifications in identity, purity, strength and composition. As well as this, it can help with purchasing, labelling and making claims.

Questions manufacturers should ask a lab…

The article posed 14 questions that a manufacturer should ask a lab before agreeing to work with them. We will be answering all these questions in the coming weeks, to show how ICNE meets all these requirements. The article is very informative, as it gives clear and concise advice on what manufacturers should be looking out for when selecting the most appropriate lab as a partner.

ICNE has ISO17025 and VMD GMP accreditation and can help with all your testing required for GMP. Contact us for more information on how we can help with GMP testing requirements

Read the full article here

 Keep an eye out for our answers to all these questions!