Scientific Evidence and Popularity of health Supplements Infographic

15 July, 2016 Posted by: ICNE

Health Supplement

It only takes a visit to your local supermarket, pharmacy, and health shop, or a quick search on the internet to see the vast number of health supplements available. The variety of health supplements is astounding, perhaps leaving many people wondering which supplements are worth taking and which have the higher efficacy.

An interactive infographic, ‘Scientific evidence for popular health supplements’, produced by David McCandless in September 2015 helps clarify this issue.

Supplement testing

The infographic shows a range of human supplements, where their positions on the graph are ordered by which supplements have the strongest evidence for their effectiveness. The infographic shows which supplements are backed up with the most or the least scientific research, as well as indicating how popular a particular supplement is. It also points out supplements that might not have a lot of scientific research to back it up, but do show some encouraging results and are “ones to watch”.

Each supplement can be selected to view notes and links to the lead study as well as showing all the supporting data. As there is access to all the supporting data and the option to filter the information, it makes it easy for the reader to investigate the efficacy of each health supplement.

How ICNE can help

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of health supplements, then ICNE Ltd can help with all your QC testing requirements. We use in house developed methods, pre-validated methods from the European, British and United States Pharmacopoeia, as well as AOAC. Here at ICNE, we also offer a laboratory testing management service, where we will organise all laboratory testing on your behalf where multiple laboratories are required. Contact ICNE for more information.

To see the full infographic, click here.