Veterinary Medicines

With our VMD accreditation cGMP standards, we can perform monograph or standard QC testing on your raw materials and validate methods to test your licensed medicines.

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Veterinary Medicines

As a producer of Veterinary Medicines you understand the need to QC test your products.

To standardised, validated methods on release, for stability, during process and cleaning validation studies and to assist in the review of customer complaints and SARs.

ICNE understand you regulatory requirements to work to cGMP for testing both Raw Materials and Finished Products.  Having access to the latest versions of the Ph Eur and BP Monographs ensures we keep our testing current and at the required standard for your licensed products.

We are happy to discuss your methodology requirements, and can assist in the development and validation of testing methods to ensure your products are fully compliant.

Please see the document below for a current list of routine tests we offer.  Please note that if the test you are looking for is not listed within this document then please contact us as this list is not exhaustive.

Download File "ICNE 2018 Test List"

Testing We Offer

Please select the most appropriate area of testing you require. If you are unsure of the area your testing requirement falls into, then please review our Testing Available page.

QC Testing

Method Development, Validation & Stability Studies

Health supplement

Finished Products

Raw Materials

Label Claim Checks

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